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Wednesday, November 18, 2009



I only went into Morrisions to pick up a few things; I really wasn't in the mood for shopping, and I dragged my feet around the aisles gathering precisely two cartons of orange juice, which happened to be on offer, 3 packets of chocolate raisins and a fab pair of really essential purple tights. I made my way to the check-out. As per usual in this store, the lines were long until I got to the self-service section which appeared to be empty. "Why not?" I thought to myself. "must be easier than the work photocopier to use". I requested some assistance and someone shuffled along to help me at the speed of light (could have lit at least 500 candles in that time) and said I must use a plastic carrier bag and put my things in there. "Well! - so much for saving the planet from overuse of plastic bags", I thought. I even had a recycled bag with me. Then things got interesting. I scanned in an item to hear the customary blip as the machine recorded the item (purple tights), but chocolate raisins were more a problem - same item to scan through three times, and machine took a dislike to the other two packets. The final straw was the orange juice "You must put all the items in the plastic bag, love" - Second orange juice wouldn't scan. I nearly left the lot there and then. It is as plain as day why the self-service section is empty - it seemed to take twice as long for half as many items as I normally have. The tortoise who helped me made a sloth look fast. It will be shopping at check-out all the way for me in future. God save the check-out staff!

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