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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pain out to lunch

Pain Out to Lunch

At 1.40pm on Wednesday afternoonI stood at the counter of my local chemist clutching my stomach, and stooping like an old woman. Distress radiated from my face and I had a green NHS prescription in my hand. The pharmacist assistant spent five long minutes talking to the man ahead of me about his piles and returning his tablets and various other completely unimportant matters. The pharmacist assistant had clearly clocked me and could see clearly that I was in pain and had a prescription to hand in. After what seemed like another five minutes of extraneous banter with the piles man, she turned to me and said, "The pharmacy is closed until 2pm". Having seen me in the state I was, why could she not have told me? My retort was "You can see I am in pain, why on earth couldn't you have told me that before keeping me waiting in pain for ten minutes". She just said "sorry love". Honestly, these people have got no common sense at all. This happened on another day at another chemist where the assistant said "we have the tablets", but the pharmacist is at lunch. I wish I could park my pain at lunch!

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